About Me


Welcome to my official website, let me share little about me. I think i am a person of excellence with dynamic qualities. As you know extremely hard working from morning to till mid-night and focused. I am a hearty person, polite and caring Husband, Father, Grand Father. I went to perform Pilgrimage more than 3 times and understands my noble duty towards the people of Habiganj. I believe i am compassionate and deeply feels the requirements people of Habiganj. I am quite determined and goal oriented towards rendering comfort, convenience and betterment in the lives people of Habiganj.

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I am Habiganj native and a foresighted Lawyer. My agility and efficiency in advocacy met enduring passion of serving  people. My works devotedly for people and fights for people’s rights.

Professional Leadership

I am instilled with excellent leadership qualities and belongs to the Awami League Party of Bangladesh which is known for its vintage existence and prestige. The party is serving the country well and so does I am.

Member of Parliament

I am a parliamentarian and serving people with sincerity, honesty and integrity. I am also the 9th and 10th Member of Parliament from Habiganj 3 and has proven my passion and dedication for Habiganj.